Sunday, August 23, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We were released from the hospital around 1:00pm on Saturday. I was giddy packing up our room and leaving the hospital and we had only been there for 2 days! Saturday morning, the attending cardiologist came in and said she didn't feel there was any reason to keep Elle any longer in the hospital. Her fever was gone and aside from drainage - she was back to her normal self. The preliminary cultures came back negative for the flu virus so that is a good thing. We won't know for sure the final results for a few more days. Before we packed up and headed home Dr. M, Elle's surgeon, came by to talk to us. His first comment was "does she always breathe like that?" He was referring to her loud, heavy breathing caused from her nostrils being blocked thanks to the bilateral cohanal atresia she had when she was born. Lee and I kind of laughed and had to say yes. Her breathing was even worse because of the stuffy nose. We briefly discussed our next meeting with him scheduled for Tuesday. It was a quick but good preview of what to expect on Tuesday. Before leaving, he said that surgery will for sure be sometime in September. Since our trip to the ER was unexpected, I didn't pack the computer but I was able to get some super cute videos and pictures with my phone of our little sick princess.
Thursday, August 20, 2009 - The fever started but Elle was still moving and shaking ( turn your volume down - my voice is really really annoying)... Who would have thunk that in just a few hours we would be in the ER

Friday, August 21, 2009

oh the looong wait in the waiting room (pics from 2:00am - 3:00am)

we were finally admitted and put into a room but because Elle was considered a "high risk" patient - all doctors and nurses had to suit up before even entering our room

Friday during the day - Elle hardly slept. The poor thing just looks sooo tired but she would not fall asleep. I think she was scared to fall asleep because she didn't want anyone to poke her while she was sleeping!

Elle had a little bit of fun with the nurses...she is now in love with her yellow stethoscope ( we had to bring it home with us for her to play with)

Friday night - Elle was showing off her moving and shaking skills for Lee's mom and dad.

Saturday, August 22, 2009 - We had a very happy baby. She was being super silly when she was being checked out by her nurse. We all had a good time watching Elle stick her tongue out at her nurse. For part of the day - Lee and Elle spent looking out the window of our room...

I am so thankful that Elle's visit was quick and more of a precautionary visit than anything else. Of course, coming home was a shock to the senses...the cleaning fairy didn't come while we were gone so we had to spend the rest of Saturday cleaning the house...and by cleaning the house I mean washing everything that we had at the hospital and sterilizing bottles. That was about the only cleaning I got done because it is also tax free weekend and I wanted to do a little shopping! It was the true definition of retail therapy after our lonnng few days in Hotel TCH!

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