Friday, August 21, 2009

a very looong day

I think I finally fell asleep around 6:30am this morning only to be woken up at 7:30 with the nurses coming in to check on our little princess. Lee had to go home to check on our dogs (who escaped the confines of the backyard last night- thank you Lord for wonderful neighbors!) so he left the hospital around 9:00ish. It wasn't too long after that the doctors came in for rounds. Because elle was running a fever, has a slight cough and a runny nose- any person that comes into our room has to "suit up.". Everyone has to be covered head to toe- face mask and gown. Thursday night- the er doctors decided to run tests to see if elle has the flu or some other infection. No results on that yet. So when the doctors came in this morning they informed me about the days events. First this morning was an echo followed by a visit from an ear nose and throat doctor. The echo went ok- elle was fussy so it took a long time for the tech to get clear images. We finally fished that up around 11:00 and made our way back to our room. Our poor little Elle Belle just had a rough day. She was super fussy and couldn't seem to get comfortable. Of course, I was praying she would fall asleep so I could nap too! No luck! This afternoon a ear nose and throat doctor came in to scope elle's nose. As luck would have it- she had just fallen asleep when he walked in the door with his wicked little machine. As soon as he put the scope down elle's nose- she woke up screaming. The good news from the scope is that even though elle sounds horrible- both of her nasal passages are open. They are also filled with mucus- hence the runny nose. He perscribed some steroid drops to help clear up her nose. The rest of the afternoon is a blur. I know my parents came by but I fell asleep during their visit. Lee made it back to the hospital around 4. Right before he came back, the cardiologist came in to tell me that elle's echo showed a narrowing of her bt shunt which means we are getting close to surgery. He is going to present her case to the surgical team on monday. We also decided that we would see how the steroids go tonight to help her nose and then we will be released tomorrow. The flu culture won't be back in for a few more days so it would be better for us to go home than stay here and increase the risk of further infection or infecting someone else. We are pretty much confined to our room right now. Our night nurse just told us that if we leave- we have to wear a face mask. I'm counting down the hours until we can go home and elle might actually sleep! She is being entertained by uncle jake right now with some of her toys... I think we might be in for another long night because she is showing no signs of wearing down!!! I have some great pictures and videos from the past 2 days that I will post when we get home. I can't post them from my blackberry so that is something to look forward to tomorrow (other than being released)!!!

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