Thursday, September 24, 2009

6:00? We thought you said 8:00!

Lee and I got the early morning wake up from the nurse when she walked into our room and said "transport will be here in 15 minutes." Ahh! What? We thought we had until 8:00am! I had 2 options - shower and change out of pjs or pump..I chose the latter simply due to the pain factor so while I pumped - Lee and the nurse got Elle Belle out of her pjs and into a hospital gown. Sure enough, 10 minutes later the transporter was in our room ready to take Elle to the 18th floor where the surgery will take place. I'm sure we looked pretty ragged as we were taken into the holding area - but our little Elle was a perfect little patient. She woke up super happy and was smiling at all the nurses and doctors that came to talk to us. I'm sure she was pretty happy because she got a little extra milk around 2:00am and then was pumped full of pedialyte until 5:00am. Her belly was probably full! The reason the doctors wanted her on a continuous pedialyte feed from 3 until 5am was because they couldn't get an iv in yesterday. No iv means no iv fluids and they were concerned that she might become dehydrated during the night. Thankfully, she tolerated the extra goodness in her tummy and at 6:00am she was fat and happy and just ready to love on anyone that walked by. Lee, Elle and I watched Special Agent Oso on the Disney Channel and waited for the anesthesiologist to come back by to get her. They gave her a sedation medicine to make her sleepy and at 8:00am, Elle was sleeping comfortably and the doctors were ready for her in the OR. It was tough to watch the doctors take Elle from my arms and walk through the big double doors and into the OR. Lee and I watched them walk into the doors and then we headed back down to our room to clean up and pack up everything before heading back to the operating room waiting room. I had a few mini meltdowns on the walk from the OR to our room but I know she is in good hands. In our prayer this morning Lee asked for our most precious Saviour to fill the operating room with his power. I pray for peace and comfort for our baby girl. That she is protected during this time and all will go well with the surgery. We should be getting updates every few hours. I will keep you updated as I hear more from the operating room.

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Cathy said...

Lee and Lisha-Raymond and I will be praying for your precious little girl Elle. Through the holy wounds of Jesus Elle will be healed. Love and prayers.
Raymond and Cathy Beyer Verhalen