Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Life is Better in a TuTu

Happy 6 Month Birthday Elle!!!

I wish I could say that I have a ton of pictures to add to this very special post, but unfortunately I don't. Don't get me wrong, I have a ton of pictures from today but we have a different kind of memory card for our camera. Usually, the card is wonderful because it automatically uploads every picture I take to our computer so I don't have to sit around and download pictures all the time. Well - it works great at home because we have our wi-fi network set up...but now that we're here at the hospital - the silly card won't work!! I will figure out how to set the TCH network up so I can show off our adorable birthday girl! So - the only pictures I have are from my phone and they definitely don't do the birthday tutu justice!

Our day started early - we made it to the hospital at 8:30 and they immediately started all the pre-op testing. Elle was a perfect little patient in her very fabulous birthday outfit. I think it was the outfit that got her through the day! The only bad part of the day was when they had to stick her multiple times to try and draw blood for labs and to try and start an iv. Neither try was very successful. There were able to get just enough blood for the labs and the iv will have to wait until she is under anesthesia in the operating room. The last time they tried to stat the iv, Elle was screaming and sucking on her pacifier. Her big eyes were streaming tears and she was looking up at Lee as if to beg him "Daddy - PLEASE make them stop." Even her wails sounded like "getout getout getout!!" Poor little girl! We were admitted into a room this afternoon and spent the afternoon and evening visiting with friends and family. I even packed 3M hooks to hang up Shay's sign for Miss Elle.

I have an incredible peace right now about surgery tomorrow. We think they are supposed to come around 8am to get Elle. We'll find out more in the morning but as of right now - that is the plan. Our precious baby is in the Lord's loving and merciful hands!!

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mrsrubly said...

aww! i love the lil sign and what a great idea~the 3M hook thing. i will face the earth tonight as i am thinking about elle. what a little ham. i pray that there will be comfort surrounding you and your family tomorrow. i pray for the docs and staff working on her. and of course HER HEART and a god speed recovery. god will hold on to in these darkest moments n the waiting room. please keep us posted.i will not be able to find out anything til after i get off of work. bummer...get some rest. take care. and good luck elle. your progressing so well. PS i luv the tutu!!