Thursday, September 10, 2009

(Not So) Shameless Plug

My mom and I have been gearing up for a garage sale and tomorrow starts the big event! From 7:00am - 2:00pm on both Friday and Saturday- we will be selling our little hearts out!! For those of you that live in Houston, come by and BUY!!
Champions Centre Subdivision Community Garage Sale
NW Harris County off of 1960 and Cutten
Champions Centre Neighborhood is between 1960 and Cypresswood on Cutten Road
Look for the signs! I am going to try to get balloons for the mailbox so everyone can come shop till they drop at our sale!
I had to make room for Elle in our house so all of our living room furniture is going, a lot of glassware from the kitchen, clothes, odds and ends and Lee had to make room for his Chevelle so there is no telling what his contributions from the garage are! My mom is queen of holiday decorations and because she has amassed some duplicates - most of her holiday stuff is going to the sale. My dad is an avid outdoorsman (hunting, fishing, golfing) and he too has grown his collection of stuff to include duplicates of things - so all those duplicates are going into the sale too. In fact, this morning I heard him say "I'm getting rid of everything I have more than 1 of so that way I don't have to loan any of my equipment out!" It is supposed to rain tomorrow - but that won't dampen our garage sale spirits! Another (not so) shameless plug - I love Shannon Jex Custom Artwork! Check out her blog for her latest Auntie Shay Creation for Miss Elle!! When Elle was born, Shannon was the artist that created her beautiful crib hanger that we had in the NICU, in the CVICU and on the cardiac recovery floor. Everywhere Elle went, her name plate was sure to go! So, leading into the next surgery, Shannon has once again out done herself and created another original art piece for us to take to the hospital with us. She is such a wonderful artist, and we are so blessed to be a part of her life (and her wonderful family's life)! Shay - we love you!! Can't wait to see the Auntie Shay original in person!!! Her link to her art website is on the side of our blog - everyone definitely needs a Shannon Jex original in their house!!

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Grma Anna said...

WOW! What a day at the garage sale!
We raked in $560.00 on just stuff..
wrapping paper, dishes, Christmas decor, clothes, and oh yes, a Halloween mummy that even had a dead rat skelton attached to the cloth was sold. Fun time was had by all and yes, we have day 2 at the Ole Garage Sale homestead tomorrow. Come on by!! We promise, we have something for everybody.