Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Quick Stand on the Soap Box

Two nights ago was MTV's Video Music Awards. I love music and I love to see all the performers - so I always like to watch the VMAs. I was absolutely appalled by the guy who hosted the show - every other word was a cuss word they had to beep out. I was appalled when Jack Black came out, asked everyone to hold hands and then proceeded to pray to the devil. I was appalled when one of the commercials for the new season of The Hills came on with "The B**ch is back (no * on the commercial) written in huge glittering letters. If this is what is socially acceptable in today's society, it scares me to think was Elle's future is going to be like. What is now socially acceptable is absolutely too liberal (not in the political sense). It's ok to have cuss words written in glittering letters on a commercial, it's ok to have a host that is so vulgar and openly distasteful that he offends the people that are watching (we're not watching for him - we're watching for the performers!), it's ok that in a moment of comedic relief, Jack Black prayed to the devil. Normally, I wouldn't say anything about this - but I have a daughter now. I have a little one that I do not want growing up in this kind of society. I don't want her to grow up where it's ok to pray to the devil on a television show watched by millions of people, but they have taken prayer out of practically everything else. I don't want her to read a cuss word on a commercial and ask what it is. For those of you that know me, I don't exactly have the cleanest mouth ever but Elle has a way of changing people - she has definitely changed me!


Lindsey said...

Couldn't believe that the microphone was snatched from Taylor Swift's hands, either!! Despite the public "apologies"-- that behavior is unacceptable!

Among many other transgressions within society as you named them. It is tragic & sad that our kids & students watch this stuff. That it is allowed to be shown, period.

Jess said...

Totally agree with you, I am so scared for what will be acceptable in 5 years when wyatt is 10 and is actually more aware of whats going on.

MZP said...

i could get right up on that soap box with you. that kind of stuff makes me sooo mad!

Shannon said...

I agree completely and Zach and I were watching in disbelief. I looked over and Zach had his hand over his own mouth at one point---shocked. I was so embarrassed that when katie Perry grabbed herself when they thanked her for singing...are you kidding me!?!! What happened to people with dignity and respect for others...Kanye...Jack Black...vulger host dude.
I turned it off, it was sick and I am 27...I can't image what these 13-20 year olds are thinking after they see it.

Taylor and Lindsey said...

I agree, I have been reading your blog through Witts page and have a 5 month old boy myself. I am seriously considering moving to the country and homeschooling!!! I so wont go to that extreme of course, but it is so concerning to me what our children will be up against. all we can do is leave it in Gods hands and hope that our life and actions steer our kiddos on the right course. Scary world though now that I have a child, it really opens your eyes now to things you never saw before.