Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Art of Being Humbled

Ever since Lee and I found out that our perfect little baby was going to have some issues (and we started sharing the news) - we have constantly heard "we are praying for you." Before going through everything we have been through, this was one of my favorite sayings (and actions) as well - praying for my friends, my family - perfect strangers when an ambulance with it's lights on would pass. I know the prayers I have said have been appreciated - whether the person knows I am praying for them or not. In the last few months, the phrase "we are praying for you" has come to mean so much more than just a single phrase. It has become what we cling to - the prayers of our friends, family and perfect strangers that lift us up. In the dark times of being in ICU with monitors going off - it has been those prayers and the loving arms of our most wonderful Lord that has helped Lee and I smile and know that our little baby would one day be well. Our friends and family members have come together to support us. The meals, money and gift cards for parking at the hospital and other hospital expenses, gifts for Elle...everything we have received has been absolutely humbling. Never would I have imagined how our little girl has touched so many - how her story and our faith has inspired people - how our strength has reached perfect strangers. It is humbling to know that we have reached people - that we have ministered to people through this blog and our perfect gift from above. Our story isn't unique - there are thousands (if not millions) of children with CHARGE syndrome and congenital heart disease. We are just one family dealing the best we can with what we consider a gift...our precious and beautiful daughter. The day our beautiful nephew was born, I had an amnio done. We knew Elle was going to be special - but that was the day we went in for the testing. The day our precious Witt entered the world, Lee and I were dealing with the uncertainties of the amnio and Melanie and Austan were dealing with the uncertain future for their newborn son. I remember talking to Vickie the day after Witt was born and her telling me that I needed to come up to the hospital. The doctors weren't certain of how long we would be blessed to have Witt on earth. Now, it has almost been a year and Witt has blessed every person that has heard his story. He is at home and thriving and both he and Elle share a love of balloons, a lot of time in the hospital and red hair! Our God is a mighty God and he has blessed both Melanie and Austan and Lee and myself with our children. Why did he choose our family to have 2 children with special needs? Because he knew we would take this opportunity and use it to benefit not only our faith, but the faith of those that have followed our stories.
Before Elle went into the hospital for her heart surgery, I was out and about and Lee called me. He told me that 2 of our friends had just offered to put together a benefit golf tournament for both Elle and Witt. I was so touched I started crying in a dressing room. No one can ever understand the feeling of pure thankfulness until they are put in a position where the generosity of friends and family is so amazing and so appreciated. Words can't even describe the feeling I have right now while I type this. We are so thankful and blessed for all of our amazing friends and family. Now we are gearing up for this wonderful event - a day to celebrate the lives of Elle and Witt. The Wee Dream Classic Golf Tournament is set for Monday, November 16, 2009. The making of an incredible auction, raffle and dinner are also in the works. The amount of work that has gone into this incredible event just astonishes me. Friends and family members coming together (just because they want to) to put on an event devoted to my daughter and my nephew. To Sean and Angie and everyone involved in this incredible event - thank you! There is a link to the event on the left side of my page as well as a link if you click on the Wee Dream elephant. Please come out and join us for a day to celebrate the lives of two very special children!


The Sunday's said...

Good Morning!
You probably don't know me, but our husbands know each other, my husband is Kyle Sunday went to college with Lee at U of H. They took all of their surveying classes together and have followed each other through their careers. Our husband is also study together for the RPLS exam as well. Anyway, Lee told Kyle about your wonderful blog right about the time I started blogging, and told me to story of our beautiful daughter Elle. My name is Andrea Sunday and I am truly touched by your warm heart. Your last entry brings tears to my eyes, because I too know what it feels like to be "touch" by the power of prayers. Kyle and I having been trying to have a child for 2 1/2 years and 2 weeks ago where blessed with the news we were pregnant and are expecting our first child (with the help of IVF.) I just wanted introduce myself and to let you know I am a follower of your blog and it touches my heart. I am very happy to know you as a “blog friend” and might see you at a RPLS function one day.

Love and many prayers to your family,
Andrea Sunday

amanda said...

Even if I don't get to come you know Sean will be there for sure!!!!
And we love you all and you know we are always praying for you. I don't get to say that every day, but you are all in our hearts daily. I give you my strength, courage, love, laughter, memories, and enlightment. I give you my faith and so much more.

annalee said...

what an incredible story you share and what an incredible event this is going to be!!!