Saturday, October 10, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Being home has never felt soo good!! We made it home late Wednesday evening - exactly 2 weeks from being admitted to the hospital. Lee and I were both exhausted - we had bags under our eyes. It was almost as if the stress and sleeplessness of being in the hospital for 2 weeks caught up to us as soon as we opened the front door. Elle was thrilled to be back at home - her eyes got huge as soon as we walked in the door. Of course, our dogs were excited too! Being so exhausted wasn't necessarily a good thing because Elle now gets medicine at midnight. All of us fell asleep as soon as we got home - so it was a little tough to wake up and get her fed and then stay awake for the meds. I'm not sure I stayed awake - but I know she did eventually get her medicine at some point in the early morning hours.

Elle hanging out in her stroller before being released....our cart packed up with some of our stuff ready to go home
Lee went into work on Thursday morning and Elle and I stayed home and started getting back into our routine. Thursday was a major turning point for her - she started smiling and laughing and acting like her old self. It was absolutely so refreshing to see and hear! Lee came home around lunch time so I could go into work for a few hours. I NEEDED to get out! During our hospital stay I left the hospital 3 times. Once to eat dinner across the street, once to go to the hotel to spend the night and then once for about 30 minutes to go rent a movie. I was desperate to get out and have adult conversations! It was nice to be out for a few hours - but I was so glad to return home to my beautiful baby and wonderful husband. I came home to them napping together and my heart just melted.

Animal Print Friday my mom came over early to help me clean up and take care of Elle. Our house is a wreck! When we unloaded the car on Wednesday night - everything that we had accumulated in our 2 weeks away from home ended up in our kitchen. Plus - all our laundry is in sporadic piles in the hallways. I hate hospital germs so everything we had in the hospital had to be washed again - regardless of it was clean or not. Our precious little baby is doing extremely well except for the fact that she has thrown up more in the last 3 days than she had before surgery. It's not an every feeding kind of throwing up - but it has happened enough to scare us. She still has a ton of drainage and her little nose is constantly stuffed up. We think the mucus is just sitting in her little tummy and when she gets too full with all the milk and mucus - she throws it all up. It is so scary to watch and both Lee and I freak out when it happens. Thankfully we see both the cardiologist and pediatrician on Monday.

Thank you for all your prayers and support. They have truly lifted us up!


amanda said...

I am so glad you guys are home! I am so happy that the surgery went well too. I know know we will see you soon...when things settle! But we love you three (and the pups too!) Now when things settle, come to the beach. To relax and for a change of scenery.

Lindsey said...

She's such a beautiful little girl! There's no place like home-- Welcome home, Luphers!

Amber Schmidt said...

Glad to hear that you are home and well !!!

It always hits us AFTER we get home too!! Somehow I have this major adrenaline that kicks in during the admission and it drains out my toes on the ride home! I have to chuckle at your cart full of stuff! Our favorite surgeon laughs at me because he says we "move in" when we get admitted. We have a whole "hospital system"... sad but true!