Monday, October 19, 2009

Elle Belle was being a super diva today. One of her pain meds was decreased today so we think that was what was causing the extreme fussiness...either that...or Elle is getting a tooth. She's had the same white speck on her gum for 2 weeks now - we're just waiting for that tooth to come in! My poor mom had to deal with Elle while I went into work. I feel so bad when Elle is fussy all day and she is with my mom. She is a handful and I just feel awful when she is being a diva. She cried so much today that on the way home today her voice was hoarse. Poor little baby...and poor Granna Anna!
Last Thursday we went and saw Elle's gastro doctor. Her thinking on Elle's puking is that her body's reaction to surgery is for her reflux to get worse. She increased one of Elle's reflux meds and we are also playing around with Elle's feedings. Currently, she is getting 180ml per feed - but those feeds now take 2 hours instead of an hour...augh! I feel like all we do is feed her now! She eats 5x a day and now her feeds take so long she usually falls asleep during them...but...the good news is that she hasn't puked since we slowed her feeds down! You gotta take the good with the bad!!!
Animal Print Friday - Elle was decked out in her new french poodle outfit. I'm not sure you can tell by the pictures but her little dress has poodles and Eiffel towers all over it! We spent the beautiful afternoon hanging out with the pups on the porch - Elle has just recently begun to notice our dogs. Reggie is the only one who will pay any attention to her - Duchess is completely indifferent.

Saturday we spent hanging out at our house. Elle is doing so well at holding her head up so we put her in her exersaucer. She did so good! She is able to play in it for longer and longer. Saturday night Lee and I went on a date while Elle stayed with his parents. It was so nice to be out and about just the two of us!

Sunday was my dad's birthday so he and my mom came over and spent a few hours with Elle and the pups. Elle sure is one lucky little girl to have both sets of grandparents here in Houston and so close to her!

We are praying for a better day tomorrow for our little miss!


Jennifer said...

Love the pics in the exersaucer! She is doing very well with her neck control! Hope the feeding gets better! 2 hours is a LONG time, you ARE feeding her all day! But she will adjust and the feeds will come back down!All in due time, as I have to remind myself also.

Becky Mc said...

She is getting more precious everyday! I just love getting your updates. Praying for continued improvement in the feedings.