Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Some days are a waste of a good outfit

Oh man - today was a crazy day...and a total waste of a complete outfit! Not for Elle but for me! Elle is always dressed to the so much. I haven't lost the baby weight yet so my wardrobe is very limited. When I actually do fish something out of my closet that fits, it's an exciting day and usually one that is super productive. Funny how I feel better and get more done when I get dressed, hair done, makeup, jewelry... Well - today, I got up early with Miss Priss, got her taken care of and then fixed myself up for a trip to the hospital to pick up one of Elle's pain medicines. I left our house at 10:30am - got to the hospital at 11:30am for what I thought was going to be a quick run in, get the prescription from the cardiologist and then get it filled there at the hospital. Nope - not so much. Long story short - they couldn't even get us a prescription (when we had been told it was already ready) and I left the hospital 4 hours later with a crying baby and no pain medicine. The nurse I was talking with told me to come back tomorrow. What a waste of an outfit! I hate being at the hospital with all the flu/rsv going on so I think Lee is going to have to go back down to the med center tomorrow to pick up her meds. I can't wait for this weaning schedule to be complete and for Elle to be off all the pain meds! Elle is doing good with the 2 hours feeds. I personally hate them but as long as she isn't puking - we will do anything! She is growing up so much and is such a little blessing! She talks so much and is such a happy baby (for the most part). We've noticed that she hates being alone. She screams and cries when she realizes no one is around and as soon as someone looks her way - she is all smiles. Oh what a little diva!

Big girl holding her head up and sitting up. We have exercises that we do with her to help strengthen her neck so hopefully one day she will be able to hold that head up straight!

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Becky Jex said...

Your self deprecating attitude is so endearing. I'm sure you look fantastic. You are truly an amazing mom, and I'm not sure if I've mentioned this, but i kinda like your blog... :) Hope all is well, and that baby is absolutely adorable!! I love animal print Friday. Soo cute.