Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

So y'all know I'm pretty obsessed with playing dress up with Elle - well today I might have gone a little overboard...but I had an's Halloween!

(her little Halloween outfit is what she wore for a part of the day yesterday - i love it!)
Outfit # 1 was her lady bug outfit - but I didn't get any pictures of that one (oops)
Outfit # 2 - decked out in red, white and blue to support our Ole Miss Rebs (too bad Rebel bows can't help those Rebs win!)

Outfit # 3 - our little bumble bee! It was a little too hot for her to wear this one for very long. Lee's grandmother got us this outfit before I was even pregnant. It was one of my Christmas gifts - maybe wishful thinking for a future great grand baby! Lee's nickname is Lee the Bee - so this was a very fitting gift for our future little bumble bee!

Outfit # 4 - Out little ghost - She had on a ghost t-shirt and her little pants had a little spider on it - but alas - no picture!
Outfit # 5 - Our little leopard! This isn't the same outfit as animal print Friday - it's WAY better because it has a tutu attached!

Outfit # 6 - our little eater had on a cute "I love candy" shirt but that was quickly covered in prunes
Outfit # 7 - pjs!
We had a wonderful evening tonight! My parents, Lee's parents and Lee's brother, Jake, came over and we had a little Halloween dinner. Elle Belle was soo good! She loved all the attention and loving that she got! It was a perfect 1st Halloween!! I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe evening (and if you're like me...the no more candy diet starts tomorrow!)


Lisa said...

All are very cute!! But I must admit the animal print is my FAVORITE!! (I use to wear a lot of animal prints in my 'skinny days') I can't see animal prints without thinking of you and Ell. BB&B just got a new batch of animal print bedding...tooo cute!

LoPeZ FaMiLy said...

She is adorable!

Jennifer said...

I thought I went overboard with the outfits when Katherine was little, but you put me to shame :).
So glad you had a great 1st Halloween, before you know she will be running around trick- or-treating and filling up on all that sugar!