Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Big Girl Walk

It's just too pretty outside not to take advantage of this wonderful weather. After Elle was finished eating this morning - I decided to load her up and go for a walk. This wasn't just any walk - I decided to let her face forward in her stroller. So the four of us headed out for our walk - Reggie, Duchesse, Elle and myself. I think I was the only one that didn't enjoy the walk! Reggie and Duchesse do really well walking beside me (thanks to all the hours Lee spent training them) so that wasn't the issue. Elle had her toys to keep to occupied and she had her legs propped up on the drink holder - so she was perfectly content. I just hated it that I couldn't see Elle's adorable little face looking up at me! Not to mention - I kept having to readjust the shade to keep the sun off of her. I don't think I'm ready for her to be looking forward just yet! Plus - she's pretty little and I had the arm straps as tight as they would go and she still managed to wiggle her way out of them a few times. We're still working on head control and sitting up - she isn't quite there yet so she just kind of lounged in the stroller more than sat up like a big girl.

We have a pretty busy month in November. This week we have appointments with the pediatrician for the RSV shot, a follow up appointment with her cardiologist, and a follow up appointment with her gastro doctor. Not to mention, on Friday we have an interview with Channel 2 News! How exciting is that?! They are doing a human interest piece on the Wee Dream Foundation and are going to interview us, Austan and Mel and Sean and Angie (the founders of the Wee Dream Foundation). We will officially be 6 weeks post surgery on Thursday so I think Lee and I might take Elle to the interview. It will be her first time out in public so needless to say I'm already freaking out about it. The interview will be at Longwood Golf Club which is where the golf tournament will be on November 16. I'm trying to decide on outfits for our little princess and I think I have it narrowed down to two - but I have a tendency to change my mind a lot so who knows! It will be animal print Friday so I'm trying to dress her up in animal prints. We'll see though! It may be a toned down animal print...no leopard ears or anything like that!

One very happy little girl!
one very silly little girl!

Dear God, please let me be a Phi Mu when I'm older


Elizabeth said...

awww...i love the photos of the walk!! to get her to stay between the straps, roll up two towels or small receiving blankets and put one on each side of her. that worked for us, anyway. what a sweet girl she is!!

Katie Zell said...

Too cute!! I wish we could be there for the fundraiser Lisha...but hopefully we will be able to catch up at some point when we're in TX for Thanksgiving!! Talk to you soon!

Jex Jots said...

That is soooo exciting about the interview at the country club! I wish they maid pleated golf khakis in size 6-12 mo. Love you guys!

Vickie said...

Love the Dear God picture. I think she is really praying for that!

Love you,

Jennifer said...

That is exciting about channel 2! You will do great!

Bliss said...

How exciting!Love the pics, and I'm surprised to find how much we have in common, I LOVE BabyLegs! (I'm actually kind of addicted to them!) Have you seen the animal print ones? I'm thinking they would be so cute for "animal print Friday"

The Ruth Family said...

Hi! You don't know me...but I found your blog through Annalee - who I went to highschool with! I'm so glad to see that your little girl is doing so well! I happened to have a little boy about the age of your little one...and I think we have the same stroller!(if it's the chico one)

When Parker moved from his carseat that snapped into the stroller...to just being in the stroller alone...he was too little to be buckled in too! I wasn't sure if you knew that the fabric foot rest can be pulled up so that he can't wiggle out the bottom of the stroller. I just reclined the seat a little and made sure he couldn't go anywhere...then he didn't have to sit up like a big boy...he could just lounge! I hope I haven't totally confused you...and maybe this will help!