Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Full of Wonder

Last night Lee and I loaded Elle up in his truck and headed to the nursery to buy our Christmas tree. Elle was mesmerized! Not only was it one of her first trips out of the house other then to the doctor, but we also went at night. She was mesmerized by the lights and the trees and the other people she saw walking around. It was such a fun experience- even though we were in and out in less than 30 minutes!

Monday morning I took Elle in to see her pediatrician for a follow up from our ER visit. She decided to take Elle off the tamiflu since it causes upset tummies in a small percentage of children- Elle is in that small percentage and that was what was most likely causing a lot of her vomiting. Since I stopped giving it to her on Sunday night- she hasn't thrown up. She still has a runny nose and cough but who doesn't this time of year?! It doesn't help that we live in a city where it snows one day and then is 78 the next! Monday afternoon we had our second evaluation with early childhood intervention. Four (yes 4) therapists showed up to our house to observe Elle. Sure enough, in true Elle fashion- she hammed it up big time. They were all sitting on the floor in our den and she was rolling to each of them- trying to eat their paperwork and smiling and talking to each of them. She talked the entire 2 hours they were at our house. At the end of the evaluation- they went over their observations of Elle. For the most part- she is functioning around the same age as a 5-6 month old (which we already knew)- however, her language development is right on target for her age! Sunday night we heard her say a very pronounced "dada" and she now talks in octaves. Her voice will get high and then low and then loud and soft. The therapists all said this is wonderful! Of course, Lee and I are super excited about her saying dada. We think we heard it for the first time on Halloween night but hadn't really heard it since. For the past week she has been talking in high pitches and then on Sunday- there was no mistaking her saying dada. It just amazes me at the progress she is making- it makes me full of wonder and delight!! I delight myself in the Lord and know what he is capable of...everytime I see the smiling, happy face of our precious Elle and see how far she has come! Glory to God!

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mrsrubly said...

lisha, this is awesome for Elle! i am so happy for the 3 of ya'll after reading this. it is a great feeling to know that your child(ren) are right on target in all areas. your mommy heart just has a warming sense of being. being proud is just an understatement! go Elle!!