Saturday, December 5, 2009

Life Is Better in the bathroom

We haven't dug all our Christmas decor out yet - but I am seriously thinking of re-doing some of our decorations after looking at all the beautiful Christmas trees on Kelly's Korner. I absolutely love her little touches of animal print she has on a few of her trees (she has 4!). My obsession with Elle and animal print is actually quite funny because I personally don't wear anything animal print unless they are accessories - most likely shoes or purses. I had a few too many bad animal print choices in my younger years that have haunted me to this day.

Elle all bundled up in her animal print and ready for the snow!
Elle and I spent Animal Print Friday waiting for the snow that was supposed to be coming in to Houston. It snowed in Houston alright - but hardly any of it came to our area of town! I was super bummed!! It snowed a little in our area of town but didn't stick to the ground. I canceled Elle's occupational therapy for Friday because she still has a cough. It was more precautionary than anything else. The only appointment we had on Friday was for her second RSV shot. After getting her shot, we headed home and watched the "snow" for the rest of the day. Elle is continuing to vomit which makes me so scared. Last night, between feeds - Elle started to cough so Lee picked her up. She started to gag and make those horrible puking noises and then proceeded to puke up and gag on snot and mucus. It was horrible. She was crying, Lee and I were worried - just a bad situation all around. This is all probably tmi but it transitions into how we spent today. This morning Lee and my dad left early for a training seminar with the dogs. Vickie was going to watch Elle while I went to a baby shower for my cousin's future bride. Almost all the way through her feed this morning (after I had given her the tamiflu) she threw up. I stopped the feed, wiped her all up and then re-started the feed. fifteen minutes after she finished, she threw everything else up. I cleaned her up and stopped her crying and then about 15 minutes later she did the whole puke on mucus thing again. Scary! I ran her to the bathroom and started a warm bath and scrubbed her down and wiped her face off with a warm wash cloth. My poor little baby! Vickie walked in as I was trying to get her dressed for the day. Elle was almost inconsolable. She is hardly EVER like that - in fact - the last time Elle acted the way she was acting this morning, we wound up in the emergency room with fear that I had pulled her tube out of place. Vickie was able to calm Elle down while I ran up to the pharmacy to pick up some of Elle's meds and to talk to the pharmacist. He was such a nice man and spent 30 minutes with me going over possible reasons for Elle's continuous puking and helping calm me down with reassurance that she will be ok. While I was gone, Vickie (and Meme and Granddad - who were at our house by this time) had Elle in our guest bathroom with the shower on hot - letting it steam up the bathroom - trying to unstuff her little nose. Elle spent a majority of the day in the bathroom. At one point, we even put down a blanket and she and I napped in there. Life was so much better in the bathroom because as soon as we would take her to any other room - the crying and carrying on would begin again. After my visit with the pharmacist and a emergency phone call to the nurse line for our pediatrician - we got a game plan together with how to battle Elle's puking and thankfully, she hasn't puked at all since this morning. By this afternoon, she was rolling all across the den floor and you would have never even known all the events of the morning. Needless to say, I couldn't leave her to go to the shower and am still in my pjs now as I write this. We're praying that she doesn't throw up anymore today and we will eventually be able to get back on a normal feeding schedule. Motherhood ain't for sissies that's for sure!


Lisa said...

So glad Elle is feeling better! I know you have a million things on your mind, so am TOTALLY forgiving of misprints...however, I don't want your blog followers to think your cousin's future bride is pregnant. (That would be a scadelous Catholic wedding.) We missed your smiling face at the wedding shower, but know that we all understand that your little Elle will ALWAYS come first. Love and good thoughts to you and your family.

Jennifer said...

Love your last line about motherhood.. so VERY, VERY true. Hope Elle gets better and keeps her feeds down! No fun changing and taking baths 80 times a day!
Sorry the snow didn't make it up by you! Colin was NOT sure how to feel about it!