Thursday, December 3, 2009

headed home

After an exhausting night at texas children's- we are headed home. All tests came back negative for any types of viruses which was such a huge relief. Drainage seems to be the culprit of all the puking so we are slowing her feeds way down until the drainage clears up. Her heart is good and the cardiologist said she looks fantastic. Elle didn't sleep much while we were at the hospital so I'm praying she will sleep somewhat peacefully for the next few hours. Thank you for all your prayers!! Elle belle will be back to her crazy little self in no time!


Lindsey said...

It must be frustrating to have all of Elle's tests come back negative-- but at least you received positive news on other fronts!! Hopefully her body will rest and heal itself now. Be sure to get some sleep for yourself, too!

Jennifer said...

So glad to hear she is okay and you got to go home. I don't check your blog for one day and you end up in the hospital. I know it's scary when she isn't feeling well, non-heart babies do this all the time, but it's stressful when you have a little one with a very special heart!
Hope the whole house gets some rest and the Elle feels better!

Jess said...

hope little lady got feeling better.