Wednesday, December 2, 2009

sick little elf

We are on our way to the hospital right now. Our little elf is under the weather. She woke up this morning with a 102 fever. This coupled with the fact that she didn't sleep at all last night because her nose was so stuffed up led us to call the on call cardiologist. He told us to make an appt with our pediatrician to test for flu and other things. Thankfully I was able to take elle to her pediatrician at 10 and even though her flu test came back negative- she decided to start her on tamiflu. We came home and no sooner had I given elle the medicine did the puking rally start. I waited a bit and began her feed and once again- puking rally. She kept down about 100cc of the 210 she gets. Thankfully she fell asleep and slept for several hours before her next feed. Just like before, 10 minutes into the feed- puking rally. When Lee and I were giving her a bath to wash all the puke off- we noticed that her hands were really blue. Her arms and legs had been splotchy all day but this was a first for them to be blue post surgery. I called the cardiologist on call and since she has only had 2 wet diapers today- he is more concerned with dehydration than anything else- so- here we are- in the car- on our way to the hospital. Of course, the 4 days we aren't covered by insurance- we wind up in the hospital! Lee's carrier is still processing our paperwork to add elle to his plan!! Let's pray they will reimburse us- which I'm pretty sure they will. Please pray for our little princess! I hurt for her and just want her to feel better!

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mrsrubly said...

lisha praying for elle! keep us posted. poor thang...praying for no dehydration.