Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

A Year of Thanks…Christmas 2009

Once again, Christmas time is here…It’s time to recollect all that happened this year. Highs and lows, but no love was lost…Friends and family helped no matter the cost. The Rebels beat the Red Raiders as the year started out…Three short months later I was awakened by a shout. Early Monday morning on March 23…Lisha said those four little words. "My water just broke" is what she said…I jumped up in a flash and got out of bed. We packed our bags for what we thought to be a week… Put the dogs outside and cleaned the dishes in the sink. Sixteen hours later our new life would start…Little Eleanor Crosby was born with a broken heart. Nostrils to no where, syndromes, seizures and scans…We gave it all up to God, it is in his hands. Stents in her nose and a heart with a Gortex hose…We thought to ourselves "we have a long way to go." The Lord held her close and helped her get strong…He held us close too as we moved along. Two long months later with a feeding tube in…We were finally discharged and home life begins. Mommy, daddy and baby too…Reggie and Duchesse wondering "who the heck are you?" Four months flew by with one trip to the E.R…Then we were headed back to the hospital with a loaded car. It was time to have Elle Belle's little heart fixed…Lisha and I knew this time that it wouldn't be quick. Twelve hours of surgery and a six inch scar…Fifteen long days later we were back in our car. Home again, home again with tears of joy we sang…Two months later the TV crews came. The story of Elle is what they wanted to hear…And the Wee Dream fundraiser that was very near. Friends, family, golf and great food…It was also Elle Belle’s public debut Money was raised and trips were won…An unpayable debt for all that was done. Three Halloween costumes and a first Thanksgiving too…We stayed at home to avoid the flu. As we come to Christmas and the end of the year…We thank everyone that has become so dear. Prayers and letters from here and there…Simple gestures and calls from those who care. Many thanks for all your prayers and generosity…It means so much to our little family. Thank you Lord for my little baby and wife…Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night! Merry Christmas! Love, The Luphers Lee, Lisha, Elle, Reggie and Duchesse


Natalie Oakley said...

Absolutely love this little poem. I have been following lil Elle through yalls blog. Glad yall had a wonderful Christmas. We have a gift for little Elle when you get back to the office. I will send it with Gail on Monday.

God Bless yalls family and most of all your sweet baby girl, Elle!

mrsrubly said...

your poem is just precious! i love it! i haven't been on the net our comp crashed. but i wanted to come on and tell the lupher's a belated HAPPY NEW YEARS!! i hope this year brings wonderful things to ya'll and no more problems for elle belle!!!