Thursday, December 24, 2009

9 Monther

We have a 9 monther on our hands!! I can't believe our sweet baby Elle is 9 months old! How time flies!! What is Elle up to these days?

- She is weighing in at 16lbs 12oz
- She is wearing 6-9 month clothes and some 6-12 month clothes
- her favorite word is dada and she talks non stop all day long!
- she has 2 bottom teeth and chews on EVERYTHING
- She took 1 oz by straw during therapy the first time a cup was introduced but since then hasn't really taken anything by straw or sippy cup...but we're still working on getting this little lady to eat by mouth
- she loves her exersaucer, jumper and walker - she goes in town in all of them - my favorite is when she starts stomping those chubby little legs because she gets so excited at whatever toy she is playing with
- we have a roller on our hands - she rolls all across the floor - forget crawling - she is going steamroll her way around!
- she REALLY wants to sit up by herself - when she is lying down she is constantly trying to sit up
- she can sit up for about 30 seconds unsupported before falling over
- she loves to stand up - I think she would rather do that than sit up!
- She still hates her hearing aids and will only wear them for a few minutes at a time!
- she is signing "eat," "girl," and "smart." She recognizes "i love you" but hasn't signed it yet. She just started to wave too - the cutest little chubby handed wave ever!
- she sleeps with us and hates to be alone. Lee and I think it is because she is deaf that she hates to be alone at night - she can't hear anything and gets scared. Generally she has her hand on one of us all through the night - especially when she is trying to fall asleep - she wakes up if we move her hand away.
- She is still a no nap princess. her naps are about 15 minutes and she may take 2 a day if that. although, she shocked the heck out of me the other day and napped for 2 hours (still excited about that one)
- Daddy has the magic touch to get this little one to sleep.
- she is starting to become a little leery of strangers or people she doesn't see everyday. It's pretty funny watching her study newcomers - she stares them down until she is comfortable they are new friends and aren't going to be giving her shots!
- Elle loves her doctors and nurses - she is a ham at every single appointment we have (and we have a lot!)
- so far this Christmas season, she has experienced Hobby Lobby, Wal-Mart and Paper Daisy (stationary store). Each store had her mesmerized. She has never been around that many people before so she was people watching from the comfort of the shopping cart. In Wal-Mart - she was laid out in the shopping cart - one leg propped up on the handle - the other holding her pacifier.
- we are so thankful and blessed by this little princess!
Lee got a really nice camera as an early Christmas present. He has been snapping tons of pics of our little lady...more so than usual which is a lot of pictures!

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