Thursday, December 10, 2009

Swallow Study

Elle had her second swallow study today at TCH. It went extremely well and put to rest some of my fears. Ever since surgery, she hasn't taken a bottle - at all. She may take 10cc by mouth and the rest she gets through her feeding tube. I was worried that being intubated for a little over a week had caused some damage to her throat that was hindering her swallowing. Thankfully, the swallow study showed that Elle's swallowing is great. She isn't aspirating (liquid or solid going into her lungs) which is a great thing. The therapist did note that her tongue is hindering her ability to eat - take a bottle - breast feed. She thinks that once she gets her frenlum snipped, she will be able to eat a lot more. Elle is exhibiting all the signs the therapist looks for - she started to eat the shoulder straps in the seat she was sitting on, she was holding her pacifier in her mouth, she was eager for the spoon and eager for the's the ability that needs some work. It was so reassuring to hear that she thinks Elle is doing good for what she is working with. In her exact words "I've never seen a tongue more restricted." She suggested that we just skip the bottle all together and move to a sippy cup. She said that Elle is old enough and her swallowing is good - so we are going to give that a try along with continuing with baby food. Yeah for progress! When they were finished with the study, Elle was a mess! The barium they used for the x-rays was all over her! The therapist requested a picture of our little Elle Belle to use for a presentation. She thought Elle was just the cutest little girl. Of course, we do too!

After the swallow study, I had to pump so we headed to the milk bank. Elle was talking up a storm! I love that little voice and big smile!

When we finished there, I was starving so we went to the food court at the hospital. By this time it was after 2:30pm so the place was empty. In one area of the food court there is a water wall you can walk under. Elle was mesmerized. She was such a great little patient today!

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