Sunday, December 13, 2009

All I want for Christmas...

Are my two front teeth...ok - so maybe it's not her 2 front teeth - but there is definitely one little tooth trying to push through. That's right - our little Ellie Belly is getting her first tooth! Her occupational therapist noticed it during her therapy session on Animal Print Friday.

Our little reindeer (even her little socks have Rudolf on them!)
Each therapy session starts off with Yvonne, her therapist, doing exercises with Elle's lips and mouth. She felt it and I didn't believe her when she said Elle had a tooth because the day before - there was nothing there! Sure enough, I felt the little tooth coming in. Our little baby is growing up! Since the therapist from the swallow study said to bypass using the bottle and move right on to a sippy cup, Yvonne worked with Elle and a cup that had a straw. At first neither one of us though Elle would do good at all. I would have though that a straw would be so much harder to drink out of than a sippy cup. Elle proved us wrong! She took to the straw and kept drinking until almost the full ounce from the cup was finished! It was amazing - she hasn't taken that much orally since WAY before surgery. It was so encouraging to see her take the formula through the straw. As Lee put it when I called him after the therapy session, we've been praying for this moment for a very long time! When she first took the straw, I'm sure the entire hospital heard us as Yvonne and I were screaming in delight!

Please disregard my very high pitched voice! I was so excited for our little Elle Belle.

The weather in Houston has been absolutely disgusting the entire weekend. It hardly put us in the mood to decorate our is so hard to leave Elle even to go into the front room or outside to decorate. She loves to roll around on the floor between the dogs and we just love to watch her!


Amber said...

She is just way to cute and is getting so fast and improving day to day!!! Before you know it she will be out there chasing the dogs or wanting to swing a golf club!!

The Apiary said...

So glad she is doing well I follow her from Witt's blog. I know what you mean about Christmas after this year christmas decorations just seem less important than the time we have with her precious little ones.