Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Unintended Blog-cation

I have been MIA for the last week or so and it was due to pure laziness. Last week I moved my laptop to our study to create and print some super cute baby shower invitations and left it there. It's not like I don't pass by the room 20x a day going into and out of the front door but I would just look at my computer and keep on walking. I was waaay too preoccupied with the Twilight Saga to even begin to think about documenting some pretty important events in our life! And yes...I did finish all 4 books - the first 3 in 3 days and then Breaking Dawn in two days...and...I am totally obsessed and can't wait to read them again!
Wednesday, January 13 - Elle and I went and had lunch with one of our most favorite nurses EVER (and former sorority sister). Elle showed Steph her dance moves which I think totally impressed Steph! Then we were off to see Dr. E - her ENT. He checked her out and we scheduled surgery for Thursday, February 11. He will be clipping Elle's frenulum, opening up her nasal passage ways (again), draining some fluid out of Elle's ears (maybe have tubes put in), and he is going to check out Elle's voice box and back of her throat to be sure there isn't anything hindering her breathing/eating. I'm praying this will be the last of her surgeries for a very long, long time!

Friday, January 15 - Animal Print Friday Elle took an ounce of water from the straw sippy cup during Occupational Therapy. She is doing so good! Every day she seems to improve a little bit!

Saturday, January 16 - Elle attended her first birthday party and was around children for the first time! She was absolutely mesmerized by all the kids at our friend Adelaide's birthday party. It really was her first time to be surrounded by kiddos and her normally big eyes were wide with amazement. She had so much fun taking it all in and being held and loved on by Adelaide's grandparents and Miss Adelaide!

January 18-22 we had a pretty low key week. Elle did great at physical therapy - she is starting to army crawl. We are still working on getting her to crawl and not roll which is pretty tough to do. She starts to army crawl and then realizes that she is much more efficient at rolling (and faster too)! Thursday Elle was evaluated by Early Childhood Intervention for physical and occupational therapy. I was very impressed with the physical therapist that came and evaluated Elle. He gave us a lot of good exercises to do - ones that Elle hates because they force her to use her abs more than she is accustomed to but they will be extremely beneficial in the long run. The occupational therapist that came next fell in love with Elle. She kept saying "she is just amazing!" I couldn't agree more! At the end of both evaluations, I decided to keep Elle with her current physical and occupational therapists. ECI would only come work with Elle 3x a month and I feel that she needs therapy and interaction more frequently. I hate that you can't have private therapy and therapy through ECI - it's one or the other. Oh well. Animal Print Friday I forgot to take pictures of Elle dressed up in her little puppy dog outfit. I was too preoccupied with making my mental packing list becasue I left Friday afternoon for my first weekend away from Elle without Lee. My weekend was so much fun! I missed Elle and Lee so much but Lee is such a wonderful hubby that he sent me pictures of Elle every few hours to keep me updated on what they were up to. Saturday was Elle's 10 month birthday and while Lee was busy taking Elle to the park for a photo shoot, I was in pole dancing classes. Yes - that's right - pole dancing classes. It was for my friend's bachelorette party and I can honestly say it was so much fun and probably the hardest thing I have ever done. I am NOT graceful, nor do I have any kind of rhythm so the entire 3 hour class just made me look like an idiot but it was hilarious! It is now Tuesday and I am still sore! I have a new admiration for that chosen profession because it was quite the workout! It definitely took me out of my comfort zone! Lee and Elle had a great weekend together. I came home on Sunday afternoon and Lee had taught Elle how to wave and say "hi." Imagine my surprise when I walked in the door and Elle was waving and telling me hi over and over again. It was absolutely the cutest thing!
Other than our usual therapies, we have a pretty low key week...besides the fact that I am 2 days away from being another year older! I did text my brother at one point this past weekend and tell him I was too old to be out at 2am...his reply was "yeah - and you're a mom." Very true. I have a feeling that February is going to fly by faster than January did. We are gearing up for next week. Next week is the Girl Night Out benefiting the Ronald McDonald House. I am also going to a valentine making party that I am pretty excited about. Why is it that the days just seem to fly by? I now truly understand the phrase "they grow up fast." Oh my - how time flies!


mrsrubly said...

ok when i commented on your last post, i did not see the most the most current one! sorry. elle is getting so big! hi and waving o how cute! i bet you feel rejuvenated. us moms needs those girls night out or weekends without the kids. regroup comes to mind! haha. i am so happy that elle has sipped water thru the straw. they truly have to learn that it takes a while and army crawl. cool. sounds like she is just moving along target lisha. all that hard work you are doing is paying off~quickly. i am truly sorry about witt. this is horrible for your family members lisha. i am continuing to pray for all of ya'll. here is to another very productive week elle!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Lisha!

Lindsey said...

What wonderful birthday presents you've had lately-- Hello waves, straw-drinking, army-crawling & from a HAPPY, thriving little one! It really doesn't get much better than that!! :) Even moms need 2am nights once in a while!

Hope you've had a wonderful, special, and memorable birthday!!

annalee said...

i just thought i love elle a ton. my parents and sister could not stop talking about her fabulousness too! they loved meeting her:)