Friday, January 29, 2010

A Day in the Life of...

A few of the pictures of Lee's photo shoot with Elle
A 10 Monther...
Since I was out of town on Elle's 10 month birthday - here is a little snap shot of what our little lady is up to...
- weighing in at 17lbs 8oz
- we think somewhere around 27 inches - cant' keep her still enough to measure!
- LOVES her grandmas - if they are in the room - forget mom and dad - she only has eyes for Granna and ViVi
- Says dada non stop - I sign (and say) to her "momma" and she just smiles and says "dada"
- Waves, claps and says hi - cutest little chubby handed wave EVER
- signs smart, eat, more, girl - recognizes milk, i love you, momma, dadda, beautiful, no, God bless you
- still hates her hearing aids and tolerates them for about a minute before she pulls them out
- Loves to dance, dance, dance
- she has three little fraggle teeth on the bottom - she looks like a little bulldog!
- Has just now started to be leery of strangers or people she doesn't see everyday - she will study the new person for a while before she warms up to them
- LOVES Hobby Lobby and getting out of the house - even if it is just for a few minutes or a walk around the neighborhood - LOVES LOVES LOVES trees
- We have a little steam roller on our hands but we are trying to work on getting her to crawl - not roll....easier said than done
- can sit up for longer periods of time un assisted - i think her record is about 5 minutes before she gets tired and falls over
- EATS everything - well - everything goes into her mouth...paper towels, menus, shoes, table cloths, blankets, toys, books, cell phones, jewelry, keys....
- does really well with her Ole Miss sippy cup and straw sippy cup. every time she takes a big swig she gets a huge smile on her face - kind of like "look what I did!"
- working on the baby foods...isn't going as great as the sippy cups but each time she is taking a little bit more
- down to 4 feedings a day with the feeding tube...each feed is 240ml and take an 1.5hrs to run...needless to say...I hate feeding time!
- LOVES her daddy and will generally only fall asleep in his arms - sleeps in her pack n play until around 2am and then won't fall back asleep unless she is next to her daddy
- still loves her exersaucer, jumper and walker..and so do I!
- We are so blessed by this little lady!!

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Cute photos! I enjoyed reading your update. I'm new to your blog and I have been catching up on some of your older posts. You have some great information!

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