Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Beautiful Day for A Beautiful Event

Today was the It's My Heart Walk/Run. We could not have asked for more beautiful weather and the turnout for the event was amazing. When we got to the park where the walk was, they were just starting the competitive run. I actually teared up seeing the overwhelming amount of people out to support It's My Heart and those affected by Congenital and Acquired Heart Disease. It really was an amazing sight - teams all sporting matching t-shirts ( we were Team WElle and Elle's shirt said "My Heart is WElle" - we sure were thinking about our precious Witt while we were out there today!) - one team with the COOLEST zebra print balloons...families and friends all brought together for such a worthy cause. We ran into a few of our heart friends and even some of our nurses and nurse practitioners from the hospital. It was awesome to see Team Colin! Colin and Elle were across from each other in the NICU and then they had their first heart surgeries on the same day. They even had their second heart surgeries 2 weeks apart from each other so our paths crossed again at TCH. It was truly an amazing experience to see Colin and his wonderful family OUTSIDE of the hospital!! We even met up with one of our blog friends who graciously walked with us - thank you Bonny!!! And a very special thank you to our friends Crystal and Cortney - thank you for coming out today and running!! I am go glad Elle got to meet so many amazing people today! After the walk there was an awards ceremony and then they had the entire park filled with bouncers, a rock wall and other fun stuff for the kiddos to play on. They even had a step show and a dj - it was so much fun! I got so pumped up for the event next year - you better believe that our team shirts will have animal print somewhere on them and I might even copy the balloon idea! I pray that next year we will have a huge team to support It's My Heart.

Elle and Colin meeting for the first time

Elle meeting Colin's big sister, Katherine

Elle, our friend Crystal and me

Post walk family pic (minus my dad who had just left) and ViVi and Elle having a laugh during the walk

Elle on the car ride home - still having fun from the morning with all her heart friends!

I guess this little morning was just so much fun for our little lady. She didn't sleep on the car ride home (this after waking up at 6:00am). I wasn't feeling too great once we got home (stuffy nose and all that crud) so Lee took Elle up to Lowe's for a quick daddy/daughter trip so I could take a nap. I was for certain that Elle would sleep the afternoon away so I could too...but nope! I guess she just had too much fun at the It's My Heart walk and was hoping we would be going back this afternoon! Instead we opted for a trip to Hobby Lobby and the Dollar Store! Now that the walk is over with - it's time to start concentrating on the next big event...Elle's first birthday!!


mrsrubly said...

lisha, i would have not missed this 2 1/2 miles for anything! i so enjoyed the time we had. i really wanted to hold elle BUT i wasn't sure how you felt about others holding her esp right after a surgery! elle is super super adorable!!!! i hope you feel better!!!

Jennifer said...

We had lots of fun, it was really great seeing you guys out of the hospital.
Colin napped on the way home, but Katherine was still way too excited. When we got home we had to get fish accessories for the beta she got at the walk.
Elle is so pretty and sweet. What a true gift from God!