Monday, February 15, 2010

It's My Civic Duty

I don't get too wrapped up in politics. I say that with some hesitancy because I'm pretty adamant about my views. I have my views, I know what I feel is right and what I feel is wrong. More importantly, I side myself with what the Bible says is right and wrong. Lee and I pray for the leaders of our county, our state and our nation. While we might not necessarily agree with what they have to say or what stupid laws they put into action, we still respect them as the leaders...leaders chosen by our neighbors, our fellow Texans and the American people. I say all this because today as I was driving (more like madly rushing) to get Elle in to see her pediatrician, the county workers were putting up the early voting signs at the entrance to our neighborhood. I always early vote. I hate standing in lines for anything and early voting is definitely the way to go. Now, back to my comment about not being a very political person...I don't get into politics...I can't tell you what the latest discussion or hot topic is on Fox News or CNN, however, I do vote. I do get out there and support the people I feel would be best to lead us. I do try to do research on the candidates (mostly by reading what they have to offer on and sometimes I lend my time and our money to help support their causes. I absolutely feel that voting is the only way that any of us have the right to complain about the people we have in office! If you don't get out there and vote - you absolutely have no right to complain about who is doing what. You didn't participate in the decision making process so keep your thoughts to yourself (and with absentee voting and early voting...there aren't too many excuse for not doing it)! And when there is a candidate that I know or that I fully trust would be the best person for a certain position, I back them with my full support. Since this blog is my outlet for all things from being the mother to a very special child, to learning to grow in Christ as a wife and mom to my dislike for companies that plaster their name on the side of their vehicles (and then drive like maniacs) I feel it is an appropriate outlet to show support for a candidate. If you live in Harris County, not only do I urge you to get out there and vote, but I urge you to vote for Sheri Y. Dean for Judge in the 309th Family Court. Early voting starts tomorrow, TUESDAY, February 16 and continues until the 26th. Then the regular voting session will be on MARCH 2ND. Another plus of early voting is that you can vote anywhere and not just at your specific voting location. But, if you wait and don't do early voting, you can go here to find your specific voting locations. All you will need to vote is your driver's license. This is the primary so you are voting to pick the candidates which will represent each party come November when the General Election takes place. There are 3 other Republican opponents for this bench and I fully believe Sheri Y. Dean is the best choice! CHECK OUT HER WEBSITE and learn more about Sheri and see her long list of respected endorsements and accomplishments.
While you are surfing around, learning more about Sheri and the other candidates, you might find it interesting to see what else is on the ballot...
Ballot Proposition #4: Public Acknowledgement of God The use of the word God, prayers, and the Ten Commandments should be allowed at public gatherings and public educational institutions, as well as be permitted on government buildings and property.
Ballot Proposition #5: Sonograms
The Texas Legislature should enact legislation requiring a sonogram to be performed and shown to each mother about to undergo a medically unnecessary, elective abortion.
If you have read my blog you already know where I stand on these issues. Yeah - there are other issues on the ballot about taxes and controlling government growth - but how can we have a government without GOD? If this isn't reason enough to get out and vote, I'm not sure what else is!


MZP said...

i think it's sad that prop 4 even has to come up for a vote.... kind of makes me sick.

Chris & AnnMarie said...

reading this makes me want to get out and vote!

mrsrubly said...

i love it! rip roar and tearing it up! i am doing the voting thing! i have my license! GOD public places? school minus God=CHAOS the police can not handle nor the tax payers should not have to pay!!! ok! sorry. hey lisha, what time are ya'll gonna be @ the walk on saturday. i would like to give u my cell and meet and walk together!!