Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm Doing It Again

I have probably written 15 posts and thank you notes in my head in the past week. I hate that! It was one of my New Year's Goals - to stop writing mental letters and thank you notes and to ac tally put my thoughts down on paper (or on the blog). This is one I definitely need to continue to improve! Lately it seems that I am barely keeping my head above water. It's an odd feeling - I usually feel like this - but this is a different kind of sinking feeling. Before Elle's open heart surgery, I felt this way - like we couldn't really start "living" until her heart was fixed. Now that we are a week away from her next nose/ears/mouth/tongue surgery I am feeling the same way - like we will finally be able to start our lives after this next surgery. I am so nervous about this next surgery - not for the surgery itself but more for how Elle will recover. What if she wakes up after surgery and can eat - or rather - wants to eat orally?! I've never had to feed her like a "normal" child. She never took a bottle, she doesn't eat baby foods - I honestly don't think she has ever felt hunger before because her feeding schedule is so regimented. Granted, she does take water from a sippy cup, but that's about it. I guess only time will tell!

Elle on my birthday - I love this outfit! I emailed a friend that I actually squealed with delight when I got her dressed because the tights and the dress are just too cute. They are by Le Top. She has started this crinkle nose when she smiles - pretty cute if you ask me! Animal Print Friday!
We've been on the go for the past week - last Thursday was my birthday. My parents got me a wii and the wii fit plus. A few weeks ago I was obsessed with the Twilgiht Saga and now I am obsessed with the wii. Lee and I got it home last week and stayed up until 2am playing all the different games. And I sure am still sore from my awesome wii workout on Saturday. Elle got to experience her first nice restaurant Thursday night and she did so good. Of course, she tried to eat the menu but she behaved like a perfect little lady! She did great at dinner with Lee's fam on Friday night too! Sunday, my brother and parent's came over for brunch. We got some great pictures of Elle and her Uncle Benny. I just need to learn now how to download pictures from Lee's big camera! I can only do one techy thing at a time and right now I have a one track mind for the wii!

Elle in her exersaucer on Saturday and Elle with Lee on Sunday
Elle had her 9 month check up this morning (a month late!). She is in the 25% for her length (28 inches) and weight (17lbs 14 oz) and 3% for her head size. Despite her small size, she is still growing and on track on her growth curve. She's such a happy baby! Her check-up came only a few hours after she pulled her feeding tube out. Yes - that's right - she grabbed the tube with her little monkey toes and yanked and out came the button. She didn't cry at all which helped me not freak out and I was able to put a new button back in her stomach. It was pretty weird to see the hole in her stomach with stomach juices and milk leaking out - I hope I never have to see that again - but all in all - it really wasn't' that bad. Hopefully we will be able to get in with pedi surgery to have it checked because this afternoon/evening it was leaking a little bit. I think it might be time for her to have a larger sized button put in.
This week is a crazy week - last night was the RoHO Girls Night Out (i will post about this later), today Elle had a few appointments, tomorrow night I am going to a Valentine's making party that I am super pumped about, animal print friday we have therapy, saturday morning I am going to a baby shower and saturday night Lee and I are going to a wedding and then Sunday I am hosting a baby shower...whew!!


Becky Mc said...

I loved seeing Miss Elle today. She is just precious!!! What a delightful smile she has, it is just infectious. She is so smart!

Auntie Cake said...

Such a sweet girl you have there! I found you from a Pray for Witt button, and started reading your blog. My son has a very similar heart condition/syndrome, and let me tell you, once the medical stuff calms down, life does get manageable once again!
Take care, you will be in my thoughts and prayers, I know what it's like!

Becky Mc said...

Saying lots of prayers tonight for your family. Love to all of you!