Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Special Valentine

Tomorrow will be our first Valentine's Day with our precious little Elle. It has an even more special meaning because of Elle and her struggle and triumph with Congenital Heart Disease. The month of February is American Heart Month. We are so honored to be supporting It's My Heart on February 20, 2010 by walking in the It's My Heart Family Walk and Fun Run. It's not too late to sign up for this wonderful event! We would love to walk next to family, friends, blog friends, perfect strangers...all to support Elle, Witt, our heart friend Colin, our heart friend Sofia, our heart friend Isaac, our heart friend Olivia, and all the other babies we know and don't know and their families that are affected by this terrible disease. There is a great video on the It's My Heart website that shows the story behind Noah's Legacy. On February 20, 2010 - there will be 900 soliders, all serving overseas that will march in unison to raise awareness for CHD. If soliders overseas can walk - so can WE! I urge you to sign up to particpate in this wonderful event!


amy johnson said...

Thank you for the shout out for Olivia!! When you and Lee have a night that you want to watch a movie you guys should see Something the Lord Made. It is about the doctors who first found a way to treat and perform surgery on kids with TOF. It was a really good movie, especially watching it from my perspective!! I am so thrilled that Elle's surgery went well and she is all fixed up, that lady is a trooper :) I hope when she is feeling better you guys get to go out to celebrate your little woman and all that she has accomplished in her first year!!

mrsrubly said...

lisha, i want to sign and walk next weekend. will this be ok for our whole family? please e-mail me will sign up tonight after the kids go to bed!!! i hope elle is feeling better on her road to recovery~~