Thursday, April 22, 2010

It Feels Like Home to Me

This past Saturday, Elle and I went and visited Lee while he was helping Austan and Mel move their furniture into their renovated house...all in preparation of Witt's homecoming. We walked in the front door and were blown away at the beauty of their home, a beauty that was made even better today with Elle's sweet cousin's homecoming! Witt and Elle are exactly 5 months apart and yet, they have only met each other once - and it was in the hospital right before we were released after Elle's first heart surgery. So, these cousins haven't seen each other in 11 months. Despite not meeting, I know one little lady that is in love with her "Gwitt." Every day she points to his picture in her room and says "Gwitt" while doing the sign we made up for his name. We all love that little man so much and are so excited to see him finally at home! We are so excited to see him grow and flourish in his own home!! ** Read Witt's latest post with a box of kleenex! His other aunt, aunt annalee, wrote a post that made my happy tears flow! Praise the Lord for this wonderful day!

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Melanie said...

I think it's time for them to hang out again!