Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's good to be back

Immediately after my last post, I turned my computer back on to post something else and up came the dreaded "blue screen of death" as the IT guy at my former employer would say. The BSOD was caused by a terrible virus that basically brought my trusty laptop down. We had a good 5 year run, but after doing tons of research, Lee and I decided that we would have to purchase a new computer. My old one will have to be completely wiped clean if it is to ever function again. Thankfully, Lee had backed up everything on our computer a few days before the dreaded BSOD. So, for the past few weeks I have been using my blackberry for emails, facebook and research on our soon to be new computer. Lee and I finally narrowed all the laptops down and decided to go with a Sony. I'm pretty pumped about it and can't wait to see what all this thing can do! So much has happened since my last unfortunate post. Going back to that post, I keep thinking about the pictures that are on that camera and I hope that there are some gruesome ones of Elle post surgery(pick a surgery....any surgery) on it. I know that sounds terrible but karma is hell and I want whoever took that camera to feel terrible about breaking the law....and taking that camera! I can forgive them...but I want them to feel bad! We had a wonderful Easter weekend and as soon as I can, I will get them posted. We were able to take some great pics of Elle in the bluebonnets that I can't wait to get posted. Other news in our house is that it is officially official that I am now a full time stay at home mom. I know I already blogged about it, but for a few days after my supposed last day of work, I worked contract work tying up loose ends. My official going away lunch was this past Thursday. It was put together beautifully and I even took Elle. I was a mixture of emotion going in to the lunch and then leaving the lunch, I was pitiful. An emotional wreck would have been a perfect way to describe me. Last week was Elle's appointment with the opthamologist. She has a coloboma (hole) in the retina in her right eye. Thankfully, Dr. S told us that even though Elle does have vision loss if she looks up (straight forward and peripheral vision is not affected), she will never know the difference and her left eye will compensate for the blindness in her right eye. That was great to hear and we don't have to go back for another year! A few weeks prior to the BSOD I briefly mentioned a not great visit with the cardiologist. The last time we saw Dr. W we were expecting great news. Unfortunately, the echo showed otherwise. Elle is growing and developing great which is why we didn't think there would be any problems. The echo showed that her pulmonary valve has narrowed quite a bit in the 6 months since her open heart surgery which means that another open heart surgery to replace her pulmonary valve is coming soon. We were expecting years to decades before her next surgery so to hear that it could possibly be before the end of the year, that was tough. We knew it was coming, we just weren't expecting it to be so soon. We go back in September for another echo and to discuss scheduling the next surgery. As always, we pray for God's perfect timing and for his healing of our little Elle Belle. I have so many thoughts running through my's no wonder I can't sleep and keep a note pad next to my bed to write thoughts and to do items down! Playing catch up is going to take a while!


annalee said...

i meant to ask you how you like being a stay-at-home momma now when i saw you the other day! glad you're back:)

Jennifer said...

Glad you got a new computer! Was wondering why you hadn't posted in awhile.
Can't wait to see the bluebonnet pictures. I know you are enjoying staying home with Elle.