Friday, April 2, 2010

There really are bad people in the world

Just a warning - this post is out of pure anger - anger at myself and at the low life that helped themselves to some of my belongings. I was at Sonic on Monday and went to pull my change purse out of the console - it wasn't there. I texted Nicole and asked her if she remembered seeing it and she said I had used it while they were in town and had put change in it and then put it back in the console. So - my car is the traveling trashcan so I thought nothing of it and knew I would eventually find it. This morning it suddenly hit me what else was missing out of my console - my small digital camera. I had put it in the console a few weeks ago because the battery died while I was at the park with Elle...and in my own stupidity....just forgot to take it out of the console. During Elle's birthday party some jerk helped himself or herself to the contents of my car while it was parked on the street. The thief was pretty gutsy because there were people coming in and out all day long. I just can't believe I was so irresponsible and that someone else would steal from us. I feel violated. While our guests were enjoying Elle's party inside - some jerk was robbing us! I am tempted to make flyers and go door to door warning our neighbors to NEVER let your guard down....even on the day of your daughter's first birthday party. I'm an idiot but I never would have thought someone would have the guts to break into my car while there were 70 people coming in and out. If you were one of our guests and you saw someone other than myself or Lee opening the car door to the navy blue suv that was parked in front of our house, please leave a comment and let me know....or you can email me. I know it's a long shot - but I just want my stuff back.


E.C. said...

This just happened to us two nights ago. Jared came in from work carrying bags of fun Easter presents for the boys, and in his excitement, forgot his work backpack in the car. Seriously, first time since we met he has left anything in his car. Yesterday morning, gone were his work laptop, camera, and gps. I have been raging ever violating!! Ugh.

Candice said...

So sorry to hear about someone stealing from you. Ugh, of all the things to have to deal with.

Just wanted to say that the Pure Elle was possibly the cutest party favor I've ever seen. I should invest in Purell stock because we definitely keep them in business! Even 20+ months and another baby later we are still freaks about keeping our hands as germ free as possible. But, Rhys has been amazingly healthy so far so it must be working. Congrats on the first bday, that is amazing and Elle looks like she is doing great! Happy Easter!

Angie said...

Terrible!! It makes you feel so violated, I know! Sorry Lisha... that's just terrible news!

Thinking of you this week... wondering how the new gig was going! :) I just found your email address... saved it on my phone rather than in my Outlook. Oh well... I'll e you there.

Taylor and Lindsey said...

I read your blog though I dont actually know you, but my sis in law had this link on her blog. I read it and thought of this post you wrote last week. Thought you might like to read it. Enjoy!