Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why I Love Spring in Texas

I love this time of year (despite my terrible allergies)! Lee and I were married in the Texas hill country during blue bonnet season. It was the basis for planning our wedding. Our colors were blue and cream and we even passed out blue bonnet seeds to our guests as favors. This time of year reminds me of my grandmother. She lived on a farm and to me - she epitomized spring. She was vibrant and full of life and made people smile. When you asked her how she was doing she would say "I'm happy, healthy, fit and energetic; loving caring and filled with the spirit!" I think that far out weighs "oh I'm fine." Her farm was a magical place - an old farm house painted yellow with a green roof and a huge red barn. Just thinking about it makes me smile. This time of year the fields would be filled with blue bonnets and Indian paintbrushes. When you would walk into her kitchen, there would always be a vase filled with fresh blue bonnets. I miss her so much and especially this time of year - I wish she could have known her great granddaughter. I know she is watching us from heaven and every so often, I get a little reminder that she is still with me. Last week, I was thinking about her while I was pulling into the driveway. I got out of my car and on the lamppost there was a mockingbird singing his little heart out. I instantly teared up and smiled. I just sat on our porch until he flew away - knowing the whole time that was my grandmother's way of saying "hi - I'm still here." Mockingbirds are my link to my grandmother. When Lee and I were on our first anniversary trip, we were walking around Savannah, Georgia and I told him that I wished grandma was here - she would have loved Savannah. She had passed away 4 months prior to our trip so the wounds were still very fresh from losing her. We were standing in front of a beautiful church and on the fence post there was a mockingbird singing his little heart out. At that moment, I felt peace. She was there. She was right beside us - enjoying the views of Savannah alongside us. So I know she will always be with us. She impacted my life in so many ways and I pray that I can instill some of her teachings in Elle.
Over Easter weekend we took a drive into the hill country - just like we were going to visit grandma. It's less than an hour drive from our house before you begin to see the bluebonnets coming out in full force on the side of the road. I think Elle enjoyed our little photo shoot - I know Lee and I sure did! We even brought props! A couple hundred pictures later....we managed to snap a few good ones! I still haven't downloaded the pictures from Easter onto our new computer but we did a blue bonnet photo shoot on Easter Sunday too. Once those get downloaded I will share!


Jennifer said...

What great pics of Elle! And such a touching story about your grandmother. I know she is watching over Elle, you, and Lee!

Grma Anna said...

Lisha: These pictures are absolutely BEAUTIFULLLLL!! I think you should send them into Texas Monthly for their spring magazine edition!! She should definately be on the cover!!
I, too, love your thoughts about G'ma. I put some bluebonnets on her grave the other day and it sure did make me smile too.
Lots of Love,
Gramma Anna