Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I've Been a Bad Blogger

It's funny. I thought that once I stopped working, I would have more time to do things for me....finish the thank you notes from Elle's birthday....finish Elle's sign language book that she uses in therapy....blog. I guess I had a huge misconception because I haven't had much time to do any of those! Elle has now decided to only take one nap a day instead of two so we are blowing and going all day long! Lately, Elle has made huge strides in both physical and occupational therapy. I love that both her therapist think outside the box to entice Elle to work. Last week, her pt said "let's try this and see if we can get Elle to use her arms to hang on to help build arm strength." I think as evidenced by the video we all enjoyed the new exercise!

Elle is starting to explore more and more. We are so thrilled that she is starting to crawl instead of army crawl. It is so much fun to watch her unsteady little hands and legs while she is figuring out this whole crawling thing. Everyday she gets a little better and can go for a little longer.

And this is Elle's newest trick...


Shannon said...

so glad you blogged, I missed you so much!!! Elle is doing so well with all of her new tricks!!
Love u!!
Aunt Shay

Angie said...

Awesome! Grayson heard me watching from across the room and had to see Elle do her stuff - he loved it!

Don't worry about getting everything done (even though it's hard, I know)... those things can wait... enjoy your time with that sweetie pie!

Jennifer said...

Way to go Elle! Look at those legs! I love the one of her crusing the table!
She is getting so strong these days! She has come a long way!

The Miller's said...

My prediction is that she will skip crawling. She's too busy to fool with it!