Friday, May 21, 2010

Up Up Up

In the last few days, Elle has not only learned the word "up" but she has also learned the word "uh oh." I hear both words no less than 200x a day and I love it! I usually ask her to repeat whatever it was she just said because I get such a kick out of it!

This week has been pretty tough. After our appointment on Monday with our Genetics doctor, Elle must have picked something up from the hospital because she has been sick ever since. She was ok on Tuesday but woke up Wednesday with a runny nose and fever. Usually I dread a runny nose because not only is Elle miserable, but she is incredibly sensitive about her nose because of her 3 nose surgeries. The only way I can get anything near her nose is to make a game out of it...and even's hit or miss on cleaning her up. A runny nose in our house almost always equals puking rally too. Since she is tube fed, we have to be uber careful when her nose starts to run - we have to slow the feed down so that it takes almost 2 hours for it to run. Ugh! Today has been the first day we haven't had major puking rallies...whoo hoo for progress! This morning the pedi told me that the virus Elle has will probably take 4 - 5 days to run it's course. 3 days down...2 more to go!!

Elle watching her sign language dvd in her pink her elephant shirt...ode to animal print friday!

Despite her being sick, she has still kept me on my toes this week. We finally installed the child locks on our kitchen cabinets and when she realized that this morning, there was a lot of screaming going on in our house! We left 2 cabinets open for her to pull stuff out of and that seemed to appease her for the rest of the afternoon. I'm praying she is on the road to recovery. I hate her not being 100%!

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Candice said...

She is looking so cute!