Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend more ramblings...

Time seems to fly by more quickly now that I am at home. I often look at the clock and realize that Lee will be home in an hour...where do the days go? For not having any plans for the Memorial Day weekend...we ended up having a fabulous few days. It's hard to make plans with Elle because she has a way of changing everything. She has still been throwing up and has had a runny nose - so we decided not to commit to anything just in case the fever and virus she had a few weeks ago came back. Thankfully, the puking rallies have become fewer and farther between...but in the last few days Elle has puked in a Mattress Firm and in the mixed grill of a very nice country club!

We started off our Memorial Day weekend on Friday with Elle's red, white and blue animal print Friday outfit! I LOVE this outfit - thank you Mud Pie for FINALLY making clothes for babies older than 6 months old...and thank you TCH for carrying cute clothes in the gift shops! Saturday afternoon we headed to College Station, TX to spend some time with my parents, play some golf and get in some pool time. It was Elle's first time on the driving range and she loved it! I think she actually like driving the golf cart the best.

After hitting golf balls on the driving range, we spent the evening at the pool. Unfortunately we didn't bring Lee's good camera so all pics from the weekend were from our phones!

sunblock hair! love it!

We took Elle out on the golf course on Sunday morning for the first time. I loved that she watched us play with so much amazement. She laughed every time one of us would swing - I hope she's a golfer! Sunday afternoon we went to Lee's granddad's 80th birthday party! We had so much fun (and of course - forgot the camera!) and Elle loved seeing all her cousins and second cousins and family friends. She loves Lee's granddad - and we've heard her say (more than once) "granddaddy." One of Lee's cousins took some family pictures - I can't wait to see how they turned out. Monday we didn't end up doing much of anything. We let Elle play in her new baby pool in our backyard and then she took a 4 hour nap and we ended the weekend with dinner at Mark and Vickie's. It was a fabulous, restful weekend - I wish we had more 3 day weekends!

In other ramblings, now that I am home, I have become obsessed with "projects." Problem is...I haven't finished one yet! My dad gave me an ultimatum this past weekend. Our dining room chairs are in pretty bad shape. Reggie (our black lab) had an obsession with ruining antiques. He didn't touch anything else in the house except for the dining room table chairs and a few other pieces that had to be thrown out because they were demolished. Since our dining room is pretty small, we have a small Duncan Phyfe table and chairs. One of my projects it to make slip covers for the chairs to cover up the half eaten spindles. The ultimatum my dad gave me was that the covers have to made by July 4 or else he is throwing the chairs out...I can't blame him because they have been sitting in our garage since Elle's birthday party. He and Lee cleaned out the garage on Saturday morning before we left for College Station and my chairs were a part of the clean up!

I found these slip covers (the picture is from the movie Something's Got to Give) - so I am going to put my sewing skills to the test and try to make something similar. This is on top of a few other projects I have in the works. Lee is getting pretty frustrated with all my projects - one day...hopefully one day soon...they will all be complete!

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