Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thank you Lord for TCH

I know I have been remiss in posting as frequently as I should...or even as frequently as I would like. We've have been busy bees around here. On top of Elle's 5 therapy sessions a week that we normally have, I also signed us up for a mommy and me gym class, story time and ASL (American Sign Language) story time. Then add in a few doctor's appointments here and there and we are blowin' and goin' non stop. Whew!! There usually isn't one day that we don't have something scheduled! Generally by the time Lee gets home, we eat dinner, go on a bike ride and then it's almost bed time!
Elle out on a bike ride
Since we are at the outpatient TCH so much - we have become good friends with all the nurses and therapists and staff members. Elle and I love them all so much. Today it was my turn to be a patient at TCH. Funny that I as an adult had an appointment at Texas Children's. My back has been killing me more than usual for the past month and I thought a few visits to the chiropractor would help. They have seemed to help a bit, but I still can't sleep more than 2 or 3 hours before I wake up and have to stretch and walk around in order for the pain to subside enough to go back to sleep. After talking it over with Elle's PT, I decided to see a Sports Medicine doctor. I played golf in college and continue to play so a bad back is something I've dealt with for a long time...but now it's getting out of control. So...I saw the Sport Medicine doctor at TCH today. While I was being stretched and evaluated, Elle was playing with all her favorite nurses. As soon as I was called to the back, Mrs. Wendy, Elle's favorite nurse, said "can we watch her?" Of course I said yes! My room was right next to the nurses station and I could hear Elle squealing with delight while the nurses all played with her and I could hear their laughter after asking her to sign "octopus" or "frog" or "later." I could hear the laughter and sounds of smiles in their voices as other doctors and therapists stopped by to say hi to "Miss Elle." I'm sure Elle was loving every minute of the attention!
Elle playing at the nurses station
Three hours later, with a sufficiently sore back but better understanding of my problems and hopefully how to fix them, we were leaving TCH. Elle did not want to leave that nurses station! I am so thankful for TCH and the staff that we see almost everyday. Those doctors and nurses and therapists are wonderful. Words can't even describe how happy I was today - my heart was filled with joy while I was in that room hearing all the love that every single one of those employees have for Elle. I was all smiles as therapists and admin were coming up to me as we were leaving saying "oh I just love Miss Elle! We read a book together today" or "I love you my little Ellie - see you tomorrow!" Elle was blowing kisses to everyone as we were walking out the door. She is such a little ham - a very lucky little ham that is loved by so many people!

This past Friday, Mrs. Wendy gave Elle a pair of super star sunglasses. They matched her pink frog dress (ode to Animal Print Friday!). Elle loved them! She even napped in them...

What a little rock star!!

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