Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Circus Came to Town

Several weeks ago (yes, I am THAT far behind) Lee's cousin had a suite at Reliant Stadium for the circus. We were lucky enough to join her and her family and their friends for a night of elephants, tigers, high flying acrobats and a very entertaining ring master! We got there early to meet all the animals and the entertainers. Elle did great seeing the animals. She would sign "elephant" or "zebra" or "horse" or "tiger" as we were looking at each one. When we got there, I put her hearing aids in and after about 30 minutes, she pulled each of them out and handed them to me. It's was just too loud for her little ears with those aids in!
Looking at the zebras and tigers and signing "elephant"
The beginning of the show was uber entertaining (for me) but Elle got antsy after about 30 minutes. Thankfully we were in the suite so Elle was able to crawl around on the floor and practice her assisted walking with ViVi's help. After intermission the animals came out and Elle sat on ViVi's lap and stared in amazement at the tigers and elephants.

It was so much fun and we all had such a good time. It was Elle's first time to see such big animals and she was just amazed. Thank you Rodgers family for such an amazing night!

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