Friday, October 15, 2010

Halloween Edition of Animal Print Friday

Yes, I still dress Elle in some kind of animal print every Friday. Whether it's an outfit with some kind of animal on it or actual animal print - I still love the tradition! Since it is Halloween time, we are combining Animal Print Friday and Frightening Friday (thank you Laura D)!

Our little kitty cat standing in front of our Halloween Countdown Banner

I got my inspiration for the Halloween countdown banner from Pottery Barn Kids. Theirs sells for $59.00 - I made ours for $13.00 and still have tons of felt left over! Each day is a little pocket that holds our theme for October is "a dum dum a day keeps the doctor away!"

and just because I love this pose....Elle and the dogs


The Miller's said...

It's about time! I needed some Animal Print Friday!

Preemie Donna said...

Very cute, you should make some extra and sell them on etsy.