Thursday, November 4, 2010

October Wrap Up

The weeks leading up to the last weekend in October have been an absolute blur. We had a lot going on in our family and I am just now sitting down to finally post pictures and play catch up.

Elle in her Frightening Friday dress I made for her from 10-22-10. It was my first attempt at clothing for Elle. I made the pattern from 2 of Elle's other outfits that I liked. It crisscrossed in the back - super cute and something she will be able to wear next year too!

The girl is trying to stand up on her own...she's so close to walking and standing up on her own!
On October 23 we got to help celebrate the 2nd birthday of a very special little boy - a little boy we love so much and are so thankful for...Elle's precious cousin and our precious nephew, Witt.

My SIL had her house decked out in decorations that she made and had a candy bar that was just too cute for words! Pictures don't do it justice...and...she made everything for the party! I forgot our camera so I didn't get any pictures of Elle and the birthday boy. He was decked out too in his "2" outfit. We are so blessed by his little life!!
Frightening Friday on October 29 - I dressed Elle up in the super cute pillowcase dress my mom found at a craft show and we headed to the pumpkin patch. Another first for our little one.

Typical Elle poses - we can't take pictures of her because she is always trying to walk to us when we sit down to take the pictures!

This was Elle's initial reaction to the pumpkins...

I asked her in the car before we got out if she wanted to see the pumpkins. She was signing "all done" and "no pumpkins" before we even stepped foot in the pumpkin patch. I should have known that a major meltdown was going to happen...but I still tried. Good thing ViVi came and saved us all and Elle actually ended up enjoying herself...but only when she was pushing the wagon. She didn't want anything to do with those pumpkins! (if this was her reaction to pumpkins...I am dreading her reaction to Santa!)

We stayed in our pajamas on Sunday - all of us feeling run down. Lee from hunting and Elle and myself from having a garage sale on Saturday. We all slept a majority of the day and finally got up and got dressed to go to Trunk or Treat.

This was our first Halloween to be able to trick or treat with Elle Belle. While she had 4 outfit changes last year and I did get to play dress up with her - we were only 4 weeks post open heart surgery so needless to say, we kept Elle inside and away from all our trick or treaters. This year Elle got to experience "Trunk or Treat" at our church. She loved seeing everyone dressed up and kept asking to see the pumpkins. Pretty funny that was what she wanted to look at considering her reaction to the pumpkin patch!


Vickie said...

Great blog. Great pictures. Great fun!
We live you all!!!!!
CoCo and Big Daddy

Vickie said...

ViVi and Big Daddy.

The Miller's said...

It's about time!!

Angie said...

Sooo cute! Now I see what you mean by your email that she didn't like the pumpkins. I love it... what a little sweetie!!

Preemie Donna said...

I love the dress, you should make them and selling them. The fabric is so cute. I come to your blog from Witt's and I love ready about all of Elle's adventures.