Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happenings from Mid February

Elle in physical therapy working her upper body strength using the bicycle
So this is the first of several back dated posts to catch us up through today...beginning with Valentine's Day. So on February 3 when we received the good news from Elle's cardiologist that we could start planning her 2nd birthday party...it hit me like a ton of bricks...Elle has 3 little girl friends. I did a mini mommy freak out and confided in my friend Ali that I was scared Elle doesn't know any other children. She is really only around children for a 1 hour a week gym class and then play dates with out friend Maddie who lives across the street. Ali got me the in on a moms and tots group and thanks to her good word...I was able to sign Elle and myself up. This group is seriously awesome...stuff to do every single day of the week. If Elle didn't have therapy every day we would be at these awesome play groups as much as we could possibly handle it! So....our first adventure with the group was a Valentine's Day party. I even canceled therapy for the day so Elle could attend and be around kiddos for a change. It was so much fun! We met some fun new people but we mostly hung out with Elle's friends...Maddie and Kayla.

trying to get three little girls to smile was a task in and of itself!

lee's valentines gift to Elle was a set of golf clubs...the girl LOVES them! Every day I hear "dadda golf...momma golf....outside." Music to my little ears!!

Elle and Kayla at the park during another fun play date with our new play group

Where did February go? I have so many more posts to get up and on the blog...it might just take me the month of March to get February caught hope...let's pray it doesn't!!

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