Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The time has come...

...For me to finally sit down and play blog catch up. I was told by a friend that I was going to be un friended if I didn't post something by Friday morning. I'm not going to lie - I actually had to go back through my way cool Erin Condren planner to see what has been going in the last month plus...

February 19 we were joined by some dear friends and family for the It's My Heart Walk. We had so much fun and were so blessed to have so much support!

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone that supported Team Elle's Angel's and Witt's Warriors!!

That same night we headed to Warrenton to help Mel's Grandbud celebrate his 80th birthday! The party was so much fun and Elle absolutely loved the band. She dragged everyone to the stage to sit there with her and listen to the bass and drums. We were so honored to be invited to celebrate with Mel's family in such a joyous milestone!

As February came to a close we packed as much as we could into the last weekend. February 25 we took Elle to her first baseball game. Ole Miss was in town to play the University of Houston. Since I went to Ole Miss and Lee is a U of H alumni...it was definitely a game we could not miss! She kept using her sign for "football" whenever she would actually sit down and watch the game...which wasn't very often because little miss wanted to climb every single stair in the stadium. For those of you former Ole Miss golfers....yes I am sporting the New Balance track suit jacket from circa 2003.

Saturday February 26 we celebrated our friend Jack's first birthday. Jack and his mom came into Houston all the way from California.. Jack is the cutest Army baby ever and we were so happy that he was able to come to Houston to party! Jack's mommy Kristina is one of my very oldest and dearest friends. She has been such a rock star being a Army wife and now she is the mom to a very special one year old!!

The group shot is decades in the making. We have all been friends since junior high! Crazy that we are all grown up now with kiddos of our own.

Jessica taught Elle how to sign "crazy momma" several months ago. For a while it was Elle's favorite sign...despite my objections. I caught Jess in the act of reinforcing her teachings! Look at the smile on Elle's face! Crazy Auntie Jess!!

Elle and her friend, Olivia, hanging out on the slide. During cupcakes Elle actually did taste the icing which was a shock to me! She's not a sweet eater but that cute little blue mustache made me smile all day long!

Our little sliding little lady...with her blue stained hands!

Kristina and the birthday boy

Sunday, February 27 we partied it up again at our friend Kylie's first birthday! Kylie's mom, Amber and I have been friends since high school. It was a weekend of parties! Amber had a moonwalk at the party and even though Elle hates the moonwalk during gym class, she climbed right on in and had so much fun!

Kylie got the coolest car EVER...and guess who climbed right on in when Kylie decided she didn't want to ride! Elle could have worn the battery on that car down if there wasn't a line to take the wheel!

We had so much fun hanging out with all of our friends all weekend long and we are so blessed to have such an amazing group of friends!

You better believe that this post is going to be back dated so I can play catch up with the rest of March!

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