Monday, March 21, 2011

Elle's 2nd Birthday Party

March 19 we celebrated Elle's 2nd birthday party with a Mickey Mouse themed fiesta...including mickey mouse cakepops (thanks to directions from bakerella) and a moon walk. I'm not sure how many guests actually came but there were a lot! Which meant a lot of donations to the Ronald McDonald House because we asked guests to bring donations in lieu of gifts. So much fun and so many donations!!

We all had so much fun and were so blessed to have a house full of guests that love Elle!
After everyone left, Lee, elle and I went and enjoyed the moon walk - just the three of us. We had so much fun and I forgot how much fun moon walks are! Lee and I were doing flips and Elle was loving every minute of it!
After moon walk time, it was time to wind down watching mickey mouse before bed...

We are so thankful for our little miracle and neither Lee nor I can believe that our baby is 2 years old! Time has flown by way too fast...I wish time would just stop but then she does something funny and I see how far she has come. Everyday is a new day, filled with new wonders and new discoveries. I just love that little girl so much!

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annalee said...

we were so honored to be a part of celebrating such a fabulous girl! every detail was delightful, just like the bday girl!