Saturday, June 18, 2011

Animal Print Friday - Ode to Aunt Mel and Auntie Shay

I have a slight obsession with Elle's clothes. Obsession might be too strong of a word but I do love to find her super cute clothes...and most of the time they are super cheap too. I haven't stopped thinking about this one certain outfit from Carter's since I first saw it around Easter time. My mom and I finally made time to go to the Carter's store and sure enough - the super cute outfit was on sale...they just didn't have Elle's size. So - being slightly obsessive - we loaded Elle up and drove to another Carter's store. Thankfully, they had Elle's size!

Ode to Aunt Mel and Auntie Shay - her new wiener dog outfit!

I had to get Elle a 3t shirt because all her 2t shirts are just too short. Yesterday afternoon, her dietician came over for our monthly visit and I was super shocked when after she weighed and measured Elle she told me Elle grew an inch in a month. No wonder her 2t shirts are just too short!

Yesterday morning I walked into the kitchen to find this taped to the coffeemaker...
Lee surprised me with a date last night to Vic and Anthony's. Yummy yummy yummy! We've been on Weight Watchers since February 1 and haven't had any dinners consisting of steak and creamed spinach and creme brule. It was so good and such a special treat for me. I loved spending a few hours alone with my hubby! When we got home, Elle still wasn't asleep but she was having such a good time playing with ViVi and Big Daddy that we just let her stay up. She even told us she wanted to eat and Vickie fed her some soup. Elle's eating has really taken off lately - she is eating more by mouth now than she ever has. We're praying we are on the road to no more feeding tube! Wouldn't that just be awesome if by Elle's 3rd birthday she actually could eat her birthday cake?! That's my prayer!!!

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