Friday, July 8, 2011

Animal Print Friday - Hospital Edition

Elle has had quite the eventful morning. Lee came to relieve me at 3:30am but Elle was sleeping so peacefully (thanks to the Ativan) that we decided to both go back to the room in the Ronald McDonald House so we could both get a few hours of sleep. Lee got back up to Elle's beside around 6:30am and shortly after that, Elle woke up. She got to drink some cold water which was a big relief to her. Lee was with Elle during rounds this morning and the decision was made to pull Elle's catheter, her arterial line which was in her right wrist and her central line which was in her neck. All these lines being pulled mean our little lady is on the way to recovery! I made it back to Elle's beside around 9:30am - just in time to be with her as her catheter and arterial lines were pulled. Pulling the arterial line means that Elle's right arm is no longer strapped down so she has complete use of both arms now! A little while later they pulled the central line in her neck. She has been sleeping since around 10:30am which I am so thankful for! She was up and in so much pain for a majority of last night.

Here is Elle with her pink leopard print blanket - that's about as much animal print as we are allowed today!

My view of Lee and Elle as I type

We had some special visitors today - one of our favorite nurses from CVICU came by to chit chat and also, my 2nd cousin (who also works in CVICU) came by before going to a class. We are so blessed to have met some amazing people in all our stays here at TCH!! God is doing his amazing work through Elle. This recovery is so much faster than the last open heart surgery. There is even talk of her sitting up in a chair today! I am just amazed at the healing power of our God! Praise the Lord for ALL of these major milestones Elle is hitting. HE is doing all the work!!


ns010299 said...
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Jennifer said...

So great to hear she is on the road to recovery. Glad you got some sleep this morning, yesterday was a rough day.

Just remember, just like the others, this soon will be over and your family will be back at home where you belong.

ns010299 said...

Praise God for His mighty work in Elle's surgery and recovery. We will continue praying for Elle's healing, comfort and peace. Nathan and Sara Krupke

Dawn said...

SO glad to hear her surgery was successful and recovery is going well. Little Elle will continue to be in our prayers.
By the way, we love Guill also. He is the best and I can't imagine anyone else taking care of my son after surgery. He is so calm and therefore helps keep us parents calm.