Monday, July 11, 2011

Elle's First Trip Around the Floor

Elle had a great day on Sunday. After morning rounds, we decided to take Elle on a walk to see the fish on the other side of the unit. It's kind of fun to watch all the kids and parents out doing laps on the 15th floor. Some parents are pushing their kids IV poles while their kids are walking - some parents are pulling their kids in wagons and in the case of a very special young man, his dad is pushing a giant 300lb machine that is keeping his son alive while his amazing son does laps with an entourage of nurses and friends. We were exctied to get Elle out and in all the action! The floor is a giant rectangle with rooms around the outside and then nurses stations, office and elevators on the inside. Our goal was for her to walk the entire lap around the floor. Now, Elle's not the best walker to begin with so we weren't too sure how this was going to go....but she did great!

We made it to the fish tank on the other side of the unit - but Elle wasn't interested in the fish...she wanted to drive the red fire truck!

It took us almost a full hour to get around the entire floor with Elle scooting along in the fire truck. She was waving to everyone who passed her. It was so good to see her little personality coming back out!

After our trip around the unit, we came back to our room hoping that Elle would take a nap. She had a horrible night on Saturday night and (truthfully) both Lee and I were looking forward to naps! Well - Elle thought otherwise and decided to stay awake. Oh well - at least we had some visitors come up and keep us company for a bit...

Elle got spoiled rotten by Meme and Granddaddy. Her favorite gift was the minivan that plays music...too cool! And thank you mom and dad for washing our clothes!!

After all our guests left, we were FOR CERTAIN Elle would nap....nope. Thankfully, we have plenty of movies/books and games to keep her occupied so we watched Madagascar and some of the golf tournament before we decided it was time to go on another walk. This time, Elle wanted to drive the black police car. It has a little siren that makes noise and she was loving it!

Such a busy full day for such a little girl! Aunt Mel and Uncle Austan brought us up dinner and by 6:30pm - Elle was ready to call it a night. So was I and I must have drited off to sleep becasue the next thing I knew it was 10:00pm and Elle was up with a nasty drainge induced cough and runny nose. Poor baby. Once she settled down after a pretty narly coughing fit, Lee went to bed and I stayed up with our little night owl. I'm pretty sure we watched Madagascar again and I know for sure we watched Tangled around 1:00am. She just didn't/couldn't go back to sleep. I was about to go for another walk with her when she finally closed those little eyes and fell asleep. I think she finally fell asleep around 2:30am. She has a very busy Monday so I'm just praying that we can make it through the day and manage to get a few naps in! We are so excited to see Elle's progress and excited to see what happens in the next few days. We might be getting sent home! Our continuous pray is thanking God for what he has done in our lives and in Elle's little life and that during her recovery and progress we give HIM glory first!

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