Sunday, July 10, 2011

Eventful Night and Elle's First Steps

We had a very eventful night last night. They started Elle's feeds yesterday through her feeding tube. She ate very well orally yesterday but just didn't eat quite enough to not depend on the feeding tube. She received her last feed at 1:30am and I think it was just too much food for her little stomach because she woke up with a little cough and then before we knew it she was throwing up. It wasn't too bad but I think her little tummy was just so full that the excess had to come out. After throwing up and getting her teeth brushed and jammies changed - she fell right back asleep...only to be woken back up to have her blood pressure taken and a chest x-ray around 4:00am. Poor little baby! She wasn't allowed to have anything to eat or drink after 4:00am because at some point today they will be pulling our Elle's chest tube. When we woke up this morning, Lee wanted to see if Elle could walk. This was her first time to stand up since surgery and she did very well!

Lee supporting Elle as she took her first few steps

We have a wonderful PCA 9Patient Care Assistant) who set up a washing station for us this morning so we could give Elle a bath. She was pretty crusty from all the tape and stuff she has all over her little body. She can't have real baths for a while because of her chest incision (and also because of the chest tube she has coming out of her chest). Elle wasn't' a fan of this type of bath or of the oily stuff we had to use to take off all the tape - but we got her all washed up and dressed for the day.

Elle waiting for her "bath" to begin

The doctors rounded early this morning and the plan is to take the chest tube out today and then take the pacing wires that are hooked up to Elle's heart out tomorrow.

Elle is watching the doctors right outside our door. She loves being able to open the blinds that are right at her level

She has figured out how to raise and lower her bed - this could get us in some trouble!

We are looking forward to letting Elle walk over to the playroom today to go and see the fish and maybe play with some of the toys the playroom on 15 has to offer!

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