Saturday, July 9, 2011

New Room!

When Lee made it to Elle's room this morning, she told us she wanted to color and she initiated sitting up on her own. This was huge progress!

We had a wonderful nurse and had a wonderful morning in the CVICU. Elle had a little more energy than she did yesterday - yea for progress!

At 11:30am - news came that we were being moved to the 15th floor which is the CV recovery floor. Whoo hoo! Around noon we were on the move - Elle slept through the entire move and woke up in her new room on the 15th floor - complete with a few of the entire med center.

I love her little pony tail sticking up from the covers!

We had quite a few visitors yesterday which was nice. It's so nice to be in a private room now - one where we can have visitors. Elle is slowly but surely getting back to her normal sweet little self. She asked to watch the animal movie last night (Madagascar) and overall we had a wonderful evening.

Elle and Lee playing in her big girl bed

The only bad thing about staying on the 15th floor is that the nurses come in constantly throughout the night. No one is going to get very much sleep until we get home! But...being on 15 is one step closer to be being home! We are so thankful for Elle's progress!

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