Sunday, March 6, 2011

Elle's First Rodeo

Saturday, March 5 we took Elle to her first rodeo! March is Rodeo month in Houston and we were so excited when our neighbor Dan invited us to see Billy Currington with him. It was an all day event that started with the livestock show. Elle wasn't too impressed with the animals. She still isn't too sure what to think of animals up close and personal. She is fine when she can see them from far away. We did manage to get her on a longhorn for a brief second for a picture. The only thing that kept her from a total breakdown was that Mr. Dan was there. Elle is Dan's biggest fan and he actually spent a majority of the day carrying her around. She wanted nothing to do with mom and was only Mr. Dan!

She was fine on the longhorn until it started to move which was when the photographer decided to take the picture!

Elle checking out the cows...not too impressed

Elle and Dan. She was putting stickers on him and he was being such a good sport!

After the livestock show it was time for the Rodeo. Elle was thrilled by the "jumping cows" and "jumping horses" (bull riding and the bronco riding) and when the barrel races started Elle was totally amazed. Too bad her enthusiasm didn't last for the the time Billy Currington made his way to the stage...Elle was completely out.

Billy Currington put on a great show and we had a great time with Dan. He was such a super trooper spending all day with a 2 year old! Maybe next year Elle will enjoy the Livestock Show and Rodeo a little more...I'm hoping we can at least attempt the petting zoo (really because I want to go!) Despite being a little timid when it came to all the animals we still managed to have a blast! My how times change because pre baby - the Rodeo was about the concert and the beers!

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